TSA Tip of the Day

If you happen to strategically pack a suitcase so that literally not an OUNCE of free space exists, that suitcase will undoubtedly either 1.) be about 52 pounds, and unable to pass without a $50 fee, or 2.) be heavily screened by the TSA resulting in them opening and searching your bag, and then being unable to close it without approximately 80 yards of "Inspected by TSA" tape sealing it.


Stephanie said…
I've gotten pretty good with packing over this past year! I've learned to set out the outfits for the exact number of days, walk away, come back later ready to cut the piles mercilessly...could I get away with one bulky sweater and one thinner one, and can I wear one of my pairs of jeans twice(jeans are heavy)? Then I work out in my mind whether one could find a washer/dryer during the trip without too much trouble (Visiting friends or family? Usually it's no problem...in fact, my brother brings his dirty laundry with him when he visits me!).

OK, so maybe I'm not that methodical, but it's important that the expandable part of the suitcase isn't expanded when I leave, because it's sure going to have to be expanded on the way home--everyone knows that your packed stuff "grows" while you're traveling. And it's heartbreaking to have to leave "stuff" that you've acquired in the hotel room when you leave.
Anonymous said…
Not really pertinent, but it looks like Prince Caspian has the green light.

Alright, back to work.

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