Solstice Tip of the Day

Ahh, its here. My least favorite day of the year.
Today is the day that is super short,
the shortest day of the year, and what's that I hear?
Oh, it is also the first day of winter
The only thing that would make today worse is if I had a splinter.

Or maybe a paper cut, but I diverse.
I'm not good a rhyming, can I come up with another verse?

Keep your chin up, I say to myself.
At least last friday I saw the movie Elf.
And days will only get longer from here.
But say it isn't so.
It's 19 degrees and no chance of snow.

Here's to another freezing cold season,
Soon it will be Christmas, don't forget the reason!


Amanda said…
Pete, I totally agree about short days. I am a big fan of the sun and warmness.
But look at the bright/dark side...the short days are good if you fast from sun up to sun down.
JCo said…
Way to find the bright side of things Amanda! And tomorrow it will be brighter longer! Yeah!
Anonymous said…
Little known fact: The earliest the sun sets in the winter is on December 6th, with a sunset (in Lexington) at 5:18pm.

The latest it rises in the winter is on Jan 6th, at roughly 7:55am (in Lexington).

Halfway between those two days is the shortest day of the year - today (obviously).

Every 20 miles you travel east or west adjusts those times by about a minute. (The sun comes up about 4 minutes later in Louisville, for example.)
Jay said…
Matt, yes. You and your brothers are crazy :-)
Stephanie said…
I second what Jay said. :-)
Amanda said…
Yesterday, I was going to brag that I experience two shortest days cause I spent part of the summer in the Southern hemisphere. But after some checking, I was a month off. I did experience two winters, but just one solstice.

Matt, good call on sleeping outside last night. It was amazing here in KY. I thought about it and I don't really like winter. I did bundle up and laid out there for a little while (ok, probably less than 15 minutes). The sky was clear and the stars were incredible though, so I think it's cool that you did.
Anonymous said…
Actually, Amanda, since there is a summer solstice as well, you did have two ;)

Not that you're going to read back this far to see that or anything...
Amanda said…
Andy, I did read this far back...much later - good to know...thanks
Pete said…
Now who was saying they have a hard time finding how to waste their time online?

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