Gift Tip of the Day

So you forgot to order the animatronic chimp head, or portable yoga mat on time. And you aren't going to dare brave the store's today? (I don't blame you). Well, there is always the chance to regift something, but what do you really have unopened in your house anyway? (Well I guess you could take that one Lean Pocket Ultra that you accidently bought a couple months ago) So instead of looking for some thing unopened, look for something that doesn't normally come in a fancy package. Your soon to be gift recipient will have no idea that the gift is "gently used". One item at comes to mind right now is mugs. Just make sure they don't have any nasty coffee stains, so I guess that means, give them a dark mug.

Any other idea?


Amanda said…
You can always give a picture frame with a picture already in it, then you would have to open it to put the picture in. So, they won't know if you bought it or regifted it.
Pete said…
a carabiner
Emilie said…
Candles! Depending on what kind you get they often come in multipacks and you can always grab the odd two or three (tapers, pillars, even votives) out, wrap a ribbon around them and voila!
Pete said…
along the lines of pictures, is something I got regifted: Art.

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