Y2K Tip of the Day

This is what our tip for today would have been 6 years ago if Tip O Da Day were in existence in 1999

As you go home tonight be very careful, or just plan on staying where everyou are. Because as soon as the ball drops the entire eastern time zone should shut down. All the computers will go down causing: everyone to be flat broke (so go to the ATM), there will be no electricity (so buy a generator), your children will run away from home (make sure to have recent pictures on hand), Dick Clark will have a stoke (then they would have to put Regis on), rioting will ensue (so get pick the places you want to loot now, before all the good ones are taken), nuclear explosions will occur (well you'll basicly be screwed then) and a hurricane from 5 years in the future called Katrina, will team up with Andrew from 7 years ago to devastate southern states (so board up your houses).

So be ready kids, this could be the end of Tip O Da Day, because we all know that Blogs weren't around in 1900.

Ok, all that could happen, or we could see nothing happen because street lights don't care what year it is, and nothing will roll back to 1900 because if the programmers were just programed the last two digits then all you might see is the year 19100 popping up (because 100 comes after 99, not 00. Now that could be annoying but shouldn't cause any major damage. But that's just me, call me an optimist.


Kris said…
Man, I really could have used this tip 6 years ago! I wish I'd known my kids were going to run away, I might have taken some pictures.
Oh, wait, do I even have kids? Is memory loss part of the Y2K thing? Gosh, I don't know, where am I?

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