Nativity Tip of the Day

Over the years, troublemakers have walked off with garden gnomes, giant inflated Spongebobs from the roofs of Burger Kings, and front-yard "wishing wells." But no thefts seem to be as frequent (or maybe just written about!) as nativity thefts. My goodness, is ANY prank more cliché than taking off with the replica Christ child (see below)? My tip: Put some kind of transponder, maybe even a tiny hidden camera in the figure depicting Baby Jesus, and don’t publicize your security measures. Just track the thief each time and surprise the daylights out of them, then drag ‘em in for a lineup.

From Fox News’ Dec. 15 “Out There”
Can't Stop Stealin' That Baby Jesus
CHEVIOT, Ohio (AP) — The life-size baby Jesus from this Cincinnati suburb's nativity scene has disappeared again. This time, one of the sheep is missing, too.
"At first, we thought it was just a prank and they would be returned quickly," said Steve Neal, Cheviot's safety service director.
Several years ago, a thief took the baby Jesus, but only for a day, Neal said. It was recovered after a tip.
Neal said Tuesday that authorities have no leads in the latest disappearance.
A city employee noticed the figures were gone last Thursday.
"If something happens to one of the figures, I don't know where I would go to get a new one," Neal said.


Anonymous said…
Or a sign underneath baby Jesus, that they see when they pick it up:

"This baby Jesus contains a radio-activated bomb that will detonate if removed more than 20 yds from the manger."
Jules said…
Now THAT says Happy Holidays.

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