Cow Tipping of the Day

Perhaps someone who can actually understand what this diagram means should be writing this tip. Unfortunately, the Tip O Da Day staff is not paid to come in over the Holiday.

With the holiday's soon to be over, those on a school calendar could start to get bored before you hit the books again. So its time to whip up some fun. There are many traditional pranks, but none so exotic and mystical as cow tipping! Thanks to the wonders of the 21st century, cow tipping has now become more science than art. Some Canadian professor and student had some extra time on their hands. So that figured out exactly how much force it takes to tip a cow. (Evidently they didn't believe in "give it the ol college try")

Cow tipping seems like it could be a rural legend, while the article makes it sound like they debunked the cow tipping claim, they do kind of say if you've got 5 people you could pull it off. Who wants to cow tip alone anyway?


Jay said…
Wow. I can't believe that someone took the time and energy to figure all that out. Like you said, Pete, it probably would've been quicker to do a few trial runs beforehand. I'll add that though I'm from rural PA, I have never tipped a cow, horse, or other barnyard accouterment, however, I've always longed to do so.
Jay said…
Also, why is the center of mass directly on the udders? Just curious. Maybe some of our engineering friends can answer that.
Jay said…
I just now go that today's tip read "cow tipping of the day." haha. Another good one, Pete. You're on.
Anonymous said…
That was probably one of the more confusing tips yet.

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