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Monday, December 19, 2005

Wish Tip of the Day

You know something you're allowed to wish on? Stars? Yes. Birthdays? Yes. Four Leaf clovers? Yes. Eyelashes? Yes. Boggers? No, that's just gross. But one thing you can wish on that a lot of people may not realize is time. Yes, if the time includes a pattern of numbers, such as 11:11, then you can make a wish. That comes in especially handy around here since lots of posts here are tagged with times that have repeating numbers. However, we're not entirely sure that counts, it might have to be what the clock say.


Blogger JCo said...

What would everyone wish for today if it was 11:11 all day? I wish my voice wasn't manly today. I sound seriously scary.

19 December, 2005 09:29

Blogger Stephanie said...

I would wish for another week before Christmas, so things wouldn't seem rushed & hurried.

19 December, 2005 15:40

Blogger The Keiser said...

I second that one. By a show of hands who hasn't done any of their Christmas shopping yet?

19 December, 2005 16:16

Blogger Amanda said...

I'm finished, so I can freely visit my friend Bethy Baby in K-ville, TN

19 December, 2005 17:05

Anonymous Andy said...

I havent done any real shopping yet.

Kinda counting on Amazon's shipping... :)

19 December, 2005 17:35

Blogger Stephanie said...

I've got enough of it done, and I made quite a few of my gifts (miraculously, I had time for that!). This year I have the lovely excuse, "I just bought a house," so my family...well, my Mom & Dad at least...says they don't want me to buy them anything. Of course I'm getting them each something little anyway. :-)

19 December, 2005 17:53

Blogger Jay said...

Yep, no shopping for me either, until tonight. I got one thing. Whooptydoo.

20 December, 2005 01:13

Anonymous Rebecca said...

I'm almost done shopping and I wanted to add that Jay says you are supposed to make a wish if there is a hair in your food.

20 December, 2005 16:34

Blogger Jay said...

Ah yes, Becca. This is true. And actually, I think your brother was the first to coin this as a valid wishing item. We decided that finding a hair in your food and being grossed out by it is completely societal. Hair is no more dirty that anything else, yet we've been conditioned to think so. So, Pete and I decided that if you tell your kids that finding a hair means you can make a wish, they just might not be grossed out by it!

20 December, 2005 23:11


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