Challenge Tip of the Day

We at P&J Enterprises have a challenge for you today! It's really fun if you use excited marks at the end of every sentence for an entire day! Every email! Every written word! Even every spoken word! Even for questions! Doesn't that sound like fun! It makes it sound like you're the happiest, most exuberant person in the world! Try using it for a.) boring or b.) slightly mean or un-fun comments as well, such as these: "I'm in my car right now!" "I'm watching paint dry!" "I'm just checking my email!" "I wish you weren't such a wanker!" "Your bill is 30 days past due!" "You missed your deadline!" It's just a bucket o' fun!


Jay said…
This is a stupid tip!
Anonymous said…
Jason! I think your friends love you too much to comment on this tip! (At least some of us do!)
Anonymous said…
All my friends do this for every thing everyday, but they usually use 3 or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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