OREO Tip of the Day

Oreo's have a bad rep health wise, but thanks to the government regulation (I can't believe I'm thanking a government regulation) that said that you had to start listing Trans Fat on food, we can now see that Oreo has changed their formula (but not their taste as this expert can tell) to include absolutely 0g of trans fat! On top of that, Saturated Fat has fallen through the floor and is down to 2.5g (13%) for every two double stuff cookie. Now if that's not reason to celebrate I don't know what is. So now instead of being a very bad for you snack Oreos are now practically health food!

-Thanks Suzanne
In the spirit of journalistic integrity (what?) we will point out that there is partially hydrogenated oil in Oreos. Which is a big tip off that there is actually trans fat in the product but thanks to a loophole in the labeling reqirements if you have less then 0.5g of anything you can round it down to 0g. Anyway, who knows how little they really have, but dang, its a whole lot less than before.


CGrim said…
Due to another loophole, I heard it's legal to write "Natural and Artificial Flavors" when what you really mean is "People touring the factory fell into the vat when we were mixing, and since we were on a tight schedule, we didnt have time to stop the machinery."

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