Fragrance Tip of the Day

Trying to sell your home or cover up the obnoxious odour of your smelly pet, roommates' socks or under-refrigerator funk? Well, take some advice from my dear mother, Cathy. One of the quickest way to freshen up your home and have it smelling like it belongs to Martha Stewart pre-incarceration, is to follow these simple steps. First, fill a medium saucepan 1/8 full with water. (Approximately two cups). Then, shake as much cinnamon as you can shake a stick at into the water. Allow the concoction to simmer on the stovetop. The result? A fragrant southern-smelling home. One side note--the mixture looks quite foul whilst brewing. Just try to make sure people don't look at it and think it was your best attempt at soup-making.


Pete said…
And for our house Jay, that was a LOT of cinnamon

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