Firecraker Tip of the Day

If you are like many in Central Kentucky (esp. Nicholasville) then you just love firecrackers and shooting off illegal fireworks. And since there is no way on earth you can possibly wait until Tuesday to break out the matches you feel the need to start a few days early. However, someone may (hopefully) ask you why their is a need to shoot off any fireworks on July 1st. We have a suggestion for a good excuse, it goes something like this: "Honey, um, these things are em, very complicated. And you got to make sure every thing em works. You can't get out there on the big night and have things not go as planned. So ya, I just need to shoot off a couple tonight, and them we should be good to roll on Tuesday. Don't worry, I'll only fire off a couple." So with that, and just a mere $86.94 worth of gun powder and cardboard later, you should have your test throughly complete.


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