Printer Tip of the Day

If you're using a friend's printer and you realize you need to cancel the print job because you're printing an 11x17 full-color map and don't want to waste their ink, make sure you delete the print job, not the printer itself. Otherwise, you may render their printer completely useless and forget to tell them and give your friend a lot of painstaking agony.


JCo said…
Sounds like a good story inspired this tip.
Jay said…
Unfortunately, yes. I was RUSHING out the door to leave for the beach and had to print directions. Matt and I use a printer that's tied to his computer, and his computer was gone. So, I was going to hand-write the directions, but there were like 50 some directions. So, I ran over to Pete's computer, inserted my own paper and went to town. But, it started printing a HUGE map, and to save ink, I went to cancel the print job. But, I deleted the whole printer. And, because Pete's computer is on the bleeding edge, it had to be strategically setup to work with his printer that doesn't have the proper drivers. So, we're hoping it will get fixed. Otherwise, I think I'm buying his printer :-)

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