Ring Tip of the Day

Lately, we've had quite the rash of sparkly new diamond rings. Problem is, over time the sparkle begins to fade. An easy way to bring it back is simply to walk into any local jewelry store. They'll shine it right up for you fast and for free!
Bonus tip: If your ring happens to be white gold, you need to get it touched up approximately every 6 months to keep it from yellowing. The cost of this is around $30, so if you're being charged more, then you're paying too much, and if you're paying less, let us know!


Anonymous said…
A great way to pay less is FREE! Grab a spare toothbrush just for this purpose(or use your own or spouse's when he is not looking) and just use toothpaste. I "brush" my rings regularly and my white gold wedding band and platnium diamond sparkle away. As a side note of things not to "borrow" from husband...it is a good idea NOT to use his electric razor to give your puppy a hair cut(especially if this involves the dog's hind end)...he will not be too happy, although your dog will inherit her own hair clippers. my newlywedded vet tech girlfriend did this and her husband just about gagged when he discovered dog hair on his clippers.
Pete said…
I imagine there are very few things of your husband's that you can use on your dog. Toothbrush is definitely not one of them either. Now that I really sit down to think about it, I bet there is nothing you can use on your dog and husband.
Kris said…
At least you can take them both out for walks.
Jules said…
hahaha.. hilarious story odessa.

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