Voicemail Tip of the Day

Wired Magazine Recently ran a section of "How To's" We'll be posting a few of them in the next week. Here's our first.
Leave the Perfect Voicemail

Every (business) voicemail message should include these 7 elements:

  1. Your name and company name. Never assume anyone will know who you are
  2. Your Phone number. Slowly people, no one wants to have to replay the message 3 times.
  3. The date and time and throw in the time zone in there if its appropriate.
  4. A summary of what you're even calling
  5. Whether they actually need to call you back or if this is just an FYI phone call.
  6. When would be a good time for them to call you back
  7. You're phone number again, (remember no rewinding) and even your email address if you want to be real thoroughly
And that's it. I believe these rules can be stretched if leaving a voicemail for your girl/boyfriend/fiancé(e)/spouse.


CGrim said…
be specific in your messages, people love listening to all the errata:

"It's 12:51 in the afternoon, eastern daylight time, approximately 38 degrees north of the equator. Winds are variable from the southwest and the cows are grazing peacefully in the meadow."
Stephanie said…
(teehee) on andy's comment

I had a business colleauge lecture me on leaving my number slowly a few years ago, so I developed the habit of repeating mine slowly when I leave work messages. Consequently, that's one of my huge pet peeves now--having someone speed through their number as if I can memorize it as they say it.
Stephanie said…
I spelled colleague wrong. Oops.

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