Dog Training Tip of the Day

Whilst training your new puppy pal, it's important to get them to like their crate, for them to feel like it's a safe haven of fun, love, happiness and political correctness. It's a veritable utopia in there. So, I've found that it's not a good idea to put your pooch in the crate, then proceed to pick the crate up, shake it vehemently and put it back down. It doesn't help to create that euphoric zen-like atmosphere. Kinda messes with the feng shui.


JCo said…
I think that would constitute a quirky situtation so many pooches shy away from.

What do you supppose the dog in the "shake it vehemently" picture is thinking?
Pete said…
My stab at what that dog is thinking is, "waarrrffee" which translates into "this may hurt if I hit the camera"

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