NYC Tip of the Day

When you go the city, specifically New York City, you must never ever look down. Or close your eyes. Because if you do either of these things you are bound to miss something such as someone famous walking next to you, beside you, around you, or in front of you. Always have your eyes pealed because you never know who you might see. You might see the Broadway star of the show you saw the night before (aka Sutton Foster of The Drowsy Chaperone). Or you might see a well known soap star going to the 5000th performance of Beauty and the Beast (aka Susan Lucci of All My Children). Or you might see the the crazy, freaky, murderer guy from Desperate House Wives walking around town with his family. You just never know. Other than keeping your eyes open and aware, it also helps to have a Broadway/famous person guru for a sister who keeps you informed on all the people you miss because you walk with your eyes down way too often. Now I cannot guarentee a star-sighting, but just to be safe always be aware of the people around you.


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