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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bacteria Tip of the Day

If it rains a lot in a place like Los Angeles, where the water has nowhere to go except the ocean, resist the urge to swim. According to garish signage, the bacteria levels of the water will be excessive, and could cause health risks. Seeing washed up seals in such water is also not a good sign that water is "healthy" to swim in. Still, if you can't resist the call of the water, at least take a shower before too long.


Blogger JCo said...

I love the link to "swim."

27 October, 2005 08:06

Blogger Jay said...

I personally am a fan of the washed up seal, and the signage links. :-)

27 October, 2005 10:14

Blogger vander said...

Make that two votes for the seal. (Bonus points for the swimmer, though.)

27 October, 2005 12:10

Blogger Pete said...

I like all the link, one vote for each!

27 October, 2005 12:27

Blogger Kris said...

What did you guys do to that poor kitty?

27 October, 2005 13:13

Blogger Rnutt said...

I was a little surprised (and disappointed) we didn't have links to actual pictures of the signage and the swimming from this little escapade!

28 October, 2005 09:07

Blogger Kris said...

I'm a little surprised (and dissappointed) that you don't have a picture of Andy covered in algae!

28 October, 2005 12:27

Blogger Jay said...

F! I forgot about that.

28 October, 2005 15:12


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