Fido Tip of the Day

If you have pets that are rather curious and are not afraid to check out every corner of their living space, a tip for the day is to make sure your kitchen chairs are pushed in, or you may find the little critter up on the kitchen table. Worse yet, you might find evidence (table cloth all out-of-sorts) that someone (more than likely a curious little furball) has been up messing around on the table . In that case, I think any edible item left on the table is at your own risk!


Stephanie said…
I wish this applied with cats. :-) Sabrina knows she's not allowed up on the table or counter...but I think every once in awhile she gets a wild hair and decides to roost beneath the flower vase on the kitchen table. I've caught her...only once...and she froze, as if to think, "Oh, crap. Maybe if I don't move she won't notice I'm where I actually am."

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