Prayer Tip of the Day

First of all, you have to admit it's pretty amazing to have a prayer tip by someone who recently posted a tip about putting a face on a walnut for entertainment. But this works, and I give Peter, (well, actually God, but Peter for passing the idea to me) all the credit. If you aren't exactly proud of your prayer life, and find yourself falling asleep too quickly after "Dear Lord," this may help get you on the right track. Keep a very simple prayer chart, organized by day of the week. For example, on Monday, just list the names of about 5 people you want to pray for that day. Change it up a little on Tuesday, and so on. By keeping it just a name (or simple topic) you will be forced to actually pray something thoughtful and specific for that person, rather than, "Lord help so-and-so's situation; be with them." It prevents generic prayer, and makes you think about the people you care the most about. And, it makes you pray every day. After all, you don't want to leave someone out just because you were too tired or busy to pray!


LDB said…
Quality tip for Sunday. Props.

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