Productivity Tip of the Day

So its monday and you feel guilty about not doing anything and jumping on the trampoline all last week. There are so many things that can easily distract us. So maybe it would be best to make a Not-Do-List. Here is a great sample one to get you started. So if you need to, put off cleaning the tub one more day and get some work done. Now I'm not saying that those things on the list are bad things to do. (Guys, yes you do need to clean your toilet, at least that's what people say after visiting Pete & Jay Enterprises' World Headquarters), but you might not need to do them today if you've got a huge project breathing down your neck. I, for one, will take all of those things I don't do today and to them Wednesday.


Kris said…
Do Not Do ... Check Pete and Jay's web page, again, to see if there are more comments! Hmmm, do I comment, or grade papers?
Kris said…
Yeah, I guess my choice was obvious! We know who's not trying to be productive at work!

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