Paddling Tip of the Day

Canoeing, while normally a recreational activity, call also be a competitive sport. Like any other physical endurance race sport it is best to pace yourself. Nice long steady strides will be your best bet. Don't do what I am tempted to do and go as fast as you can for a short time and then just wear you self out when you still have over half the course to go.


Rob said…
I take it that this was the part of the race that didn't go so well???
Anonymous said…
I went on a white water rafting trip in West Virginia this year and paddling is a lot of work.
Pete said…
Overall the race went very well. The first half of the canoe portion was rough though, until Jen encouraged me to find a pace.
CGrim said…
Yarr, them indian boats make me queasy! Give me a poopdeck and a mainmast any day!

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