Dog Tip of the Day

So many people like dogs, everything like little "that thing looks like a stuffed doll" to big ol eat your face of dogs. However, most dogs don't know common driving safety tips, or would rather have your attention now and not really car if you get in an accident cause they just really want to lick your face. If you have a dog like that and you just like to take them everywhere you can Honda is prototyping a solution. So now your dog can ride safely with you in the glove apartment (sounds very downtown) or strapped to the floor.


Kris said…
That sounds really cool, and it sounds like it would work for cats that are afraid to go to the vet and try to hide under your feet while you're driving too!
Now, if they'd only make a pop-up child seat/baby seat that was so easy to use! I hear those things are a pain to get in and out of your car.

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