Gym-Etiquette Tip of the Day

If you have a recurrent phlegm problem, don't climb on the elliptical machine at your local gym before solving it. Remember that when your fellow exercisers' iPods are at home or out of commission and there's nothing to grace their ears but the heavy breathing of everyone else in the gym, the additional burden of lurking phlegm--perpetual halfway throat clearing efforts, borderline grunts or groaning sounds--is not desirable. Figure out how to solve the phlegm problem at hand before you cause the people on neighboring treadmills to gag with you.


Kris said…
Also, don't resolve it on an artificial terf football field, or rubberized track by spitting on it...double yuck!
LDB said…
Ewww...hopefully I won't face that when I head to the gym!

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