Tipping Tip of the Day

This one hails from my mom. Apparently, Papa John's Pizza is now charging a dollar for delivery. Because of this, it is assumed that the driver is now getting paid more to compensate for his/her gas costs, and people are not tipping as much. In reality, where as the drivers were getting paid 85 cents per delivery before, they are now getting paid one dollar. Where are those other 85 cents of your extra money going? Papa's Pocket. So do the poor drivers a favor and don't cut back on tips just because your pie costs more to come to your door. Or, do everyone a favor and either pick it up, or order from somewhere else that is more fair to their drivers.


Anonymous said…
I think I just gave someone from Pizza Hut an awesome tip because he didn't have enough change to break my $50.
Anonymous said…
Blair, that's like the oldest trick in the book!
Anonymous said…
Ha I'm pretty sure I cleaned him out.
Pete said…
:-% I have never been more confused in my entire life.

I think we have a serious case of 2 people not being on the same page.

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