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Friday, November 04, 2005

Ear Tip of the Day

Dried apricots, though good, have the texture of a human ear. Just so you know.


Blogger JCo said...

Are you talking when you actually eat the apricots it is the texture of an ear? And if so, how many ears have you nibbled to figure this out?

04 November, 2005 07:45

Blogger Jay said...

Jmo, btw, I (heart) the new monicker. Yes, the dried apricots, when consumed, have the texture of a human ear. And I think I've only nibbled on one or two in my life. :-) Won't say who :-)

04 November, 2005 09:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The innate problem with ear nibbling: having to listen to it.

04 November, 2005 12:21

Blogger Pete said...

Now I got to know who posted that one.

Show yourself anonymous!

04 November, 2005 12:31

Blogger JCo said...

Nibble quietly...something to keep in mind! :-)

04 November, 2005 12:42

Blogger Jay said...

yes, who is the anonymous person?! And, yes, they are right. You certainly don't want to smack your lips whilst nibbling on an ear.

04 November, 2005 14:22

Blogger Pete said...

whilst |(h)wīlst|
conjunction & relative adverb chiefly Brit.


ORIGIN late Middle English : from whiles + -t as in against .

04 November, 2005 14:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's the mouth breathing sound more than the actual nibbling sound that is hard to take. ;-)

04 November, 2005 14:32

Blogger Pete said...

Ahh, so just don't breathe.

Still anonymous, you better watch out or I'll disable anonymous comments.

04 November, 2005 14:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, boys and girls. Just like a smart girl doesn't kiss and tell, she doesn't advertise the fact that she's had enough ear-nibbling experiences to have a solid opinion about them.

04 November, 2005 16:01

Blogger Pete said...

Fair enough. We'll just have to use TodD Lab's Hand Writing Recognition Alpha version to narrow it down.
Based mostly on the curves in your d's.

Every comment is sent to me via Gmail, which puts ads next to my email based on what it's talking about. Here is one I actually got:

Messy Ear Wax?
Loosen & Drain It With Beautiful 12" Ear Candles You Make Yourself

04 November, 2005 16:08

Blogger Jay said...

SICKEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! That is pretty darn hilarious! From apricots to ears, to earwax ear candy. I'd say it's been a heck of a day!

04 November, 2005 16:38

Blogger Jay said...

OK, I feel like the biggest loser in history. Just saw that it said ear CANDLES. Not candies. I think candies are grosser than candles when made out of earwax

04 November, 2005 16:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Julie

04 November, 2005 16:57

Blogger Jules said...

Nice try anonymous. Why don't you give it a shot with my blogger name and picture?

04 November, 2005 18:52

Blogger jules said...

See it's really me. :)

04 November, 2005 19:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the funny part is that i'm the original anonymous and I didn't suggest it was jules. sneaky, sneaky!

04 November, 2005 22:23

Blogger Pete said...

Wow, elaborate. Now we have full on identity thief.

05 November, 2005 00:28

Blogger Jules said...

I don't know how many actual anonymous posters we have here, but I do suggest we have two. If others start to throw into the mix after I say this, well, there's no real way to tell. However, myself and another poster/reader to TodD speculated yesterday (I became very intersted in this tip/comments after I got called out) that the first anonymous was one person and the one who called me out was another. It seems as if we might have been right! I don't want to name people, in case I'm wrong, but I have a feeling I know who the first one is (and she's clearly a female) and the one who named themself as ME, is a male. It just sounds like it. Cool, this is life Mafia, but real life! Sorta. If the original anon would like to email me, I really just want to see if I'm right... and I'll continue to keep your identity a secret. Because I do believe you're remaining anon for modesty reasons.

Whoa, and I've just realized that "my" second post on here is not from me (and i don't believe it's the original anonymous). I didn't even see that when I came on this morning. Not only is someone lying, they're hacking. And no one likes a hacker.

Pete/Jay? What can we do about this?

05 November, 2005 09:55

Blogger Jules said...

There's a somewhat easy way to tell if it's actually me making the comment or not. Seems as if the wannabe Jules isn't able to duplicate my identity completely. If you want to know if it's me, just click the name through to the profile. The links to the blogs off of the hacker's profile don't work. Mine do.

I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I'm sure it's just a friend messing with me, but it makes me feel a little uneasy. I'm sure if it was someone else who was being copied, I'd think it was grand fun. In this case, however, I'd rather this little game was wrapped up quickly.

05 November, 2005 11:47

Blogger Jay said...

In high school this kid, Jim Cramer, decided it'd be fun to hack into my email and send horrible emails to people in my address book. SO, I beat him at his own game. It was pretty sweet. I set up a fake account, pretending to be a cop and answering an inquiry about my "identity theft." He said the person could "do time" if caught, and they could easily run his IP address. (Of course I made up all this crap.) Anyway, the kid, who of course was checking my email, was scared SH**less, and told one of my friends that it was him and he was just messing around. It was jolly good fun. :-)

05 November, 2005 12:56

Blogger Jay said...

Actually, Jules (the real Jules) Pete's server enables us to see what IP addresses accessed the site and specific times. Then, we could look and see what time the comment was left. So, we won't be able to tell who it was, except that we can run their IP address against the OTHER posts to see who it is. It might work. :-)

05 November, 2005 12:58

Blogger Stephanie said...

Wow. Who knew that an apricot could cause so much speculation?

05 November, 2005 14:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jules the wannabe Jules is sorry and assures you that your real account is safe. :-)

05 November, 2005 20:48

Anonymous David Bowie said...

Wow looks like theres some fun[?] been going on here.

They're not necessarily hacking. If you sign your comment as "Other" you can make it say whatever you want, and point wherever you want. They could just sign it as jules and make the hyperlink go to your blogger profile.

For example, this is Andy. Or is it David Bowie???

05 November, 2005 23:20

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

And eating apricots has nothing in common with ear nibbling. Unless you're nibbling your grandmothers' ear, for which I have no empiracle data.

Um. Is that crossing the line?

05 November, 2005 23:24

Blogger Rnutt said...

So, did anyone actually do any work last Thursday and Friday or did you all engage in blogger conversation all day long!
I'm so glad I don't have Pete's in box!

So, I'm curious! Did anonymous blogger identify themself??

07 November, 2005 09:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, rnutt. anonymous blogger didn't blow her cover in the off chance that her dad, aunt, podiatrist, minister, sugar glider, or parakeet might be reading the tip of the day site. but i'm guessing she might let you in on her secret one day.

07 November, 2005 22:31


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