Glue Tip of the Day

Before using an unfamiliar toilet, please. Do yourself a favor. Make sure that the last jacker didn't put GLUE on the seat. Otherwise, you'll end up screaming for your life, passing out, and threatening to sue Home Depot or something. And folks, I'm not making this up. True story.


JCo said…
This guy just doesn't know how to look at the bright side...doesn't he know some of the best ideas are born in the bathroom?
Anonymous said…
Here's another one

The mother of a Helen Tyson Middle School sixthgrader has sued Principal Curtis Spann and teacher Virginia Hargrove for their decision not to grant her son full credit for reading two Harry Potter books.

Luwalhati Admana Johnson, a Tontitown lawyer, filed a petition April 20 in Washington County Circuit Court stating that school officials did not award her son all the points possible for reading J. K. Rowling?s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as part of an accelerated reading program the 1,133-pupil school sponsors. Pupils in the sixth- and seventh-grade middle school accumulate points for reading books and receive prizes for their achievements at the end of the school year. Johnson?s petition indicates the child did not receive points because Hargrove and Spann determined the child did not meet requirements of the program. She doesn?t say exactly what requirement he didn?t meet but alludes to the possibility her son was accused of cheating. By not receiving points for the Potter books, Johnson?s son will "graduate sixth grade without the earned points and recognition of an achievement much valued by the child," the petition states. In addition, the petition says, "The rumor that the petitioner cheated will be deemed true, follow the child in the seventh grade and his older years, and his integrity remains destroyed." [The school's attorney] Harwell said Circuit Judge Mary Ann Gunn will either call a hearing or rule on the petitions already filed. Gunn should decide early next week, a clerk in her office said.
Anonymous said…
I dont get it. Harry Potter sniffs glue in the bathroom?
Jay said…
I often have good ideas in the bathroom as well, although, typically the shower is my best bet. Just check out my former inspiration tip of the day.

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