Reunion Tip of the Day

After surviving (and enjoying) my 10-year high school reunion this past weekend, I have a few helpful tips that I will post from time to time. I will begin with this one: Study your yearbook intensively before going, especially if you were a class officer and theoretically are supposed to know everyone. It is unavoidable--you will run into those five people at once who all know your name and you can only recall one of theirs. I will attest that God will provide moments of clarity that will allow you to spit out the correct name in association with the familiar face, but there will be blanks to fill. (The only reason they probably remembered my name was because I was e-mailing out reunion fair.) Anyway, the trick to not appear as if you're blanking is a quick and nonchalant entry into a conversation (Oh, wow! How have you been doing? Do you still live around here?). Dazzle them with charm and in the meantime, you've bought time to remember their names. If there is an unfamiliar face in the mix of the familiar ones, verify that it's not a class member before trying this method on them.


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