LA Driving Tip of the Day

There is a wonderful thing in this modern world of ours called "Global Positioning Something" (which is commonly known as GPS). It is amazing. Thanks to the wonders of the US government satellites, you can with the use of a relatively inexpensive device know exactly where you are in the world, down to a few feet. These things are super handy while your traveling. That may be in LA or rural Virginia. But if you are expecting to have navigational difficulties, and you have a GPS, just, now get this, USE IT. Cough up a couple bucks for batteries and stop getting lost. If you have a GPS there is almost no reason to worry about meandering down the wrong road for 20 minutes.


Stephanie said…
The in-car ones are amazing. Jen and I navigated to a post office and a Mexican restaurant using a GPS system in a Chrysler Pacifica (bonus: a free upgrade from a compact vehicle). We liked the voice feature, "Turn here...destination ahead....destination."
Jay said…
What DOES the "S" stand for?
CGrim said…
a) Santa
b) Satan
c) System
d) Symbiote

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