Thanks Tip of the Day

We have a lot to be thankful for. Even if we're not making all the cash we want, or not exactly where we want to be, things are good. I thought for today's tip, we should all post a comment for one thing we're thankful for!


Jay said…
I am thankful for my family and friends! I love them! (Sorry I stole the obvious pick.)
Anonymous said…
okay I think that more people should have posted comments, but I guess everyone's busy cooking or something. I am thankful for a job that I like and to be with family for the holidays.
Amanda said…
I am thankful for friends who let me be myself and come to themed parties like Luaus and International Potlucks.
vander said…
After a day of complete silliness at the VM household, I am thankful for, well, complete silliness. Sample conversations from the kitchen today:
"I got a raise at work last week."
"You mean they put your chair up on blocks?"
"I'm not going to sing in the choir this year."
"Are you revolting?"
"Some people think so, yes..."

And so it goes. It's like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets, 24/7. Yay for complete silliness.
Stephanie said…
I was away from the computer yesterday, signing on MY NEW HOUSE! :-) My family came in last night and we've been alternating meals with moving boxes and painting a room. Lots of togetherness! I am so very thankful for a supportive family! My new digs are kind of cool, too.
JCo said…
Catching up on the Tips today...I am thankful for Kentucky and all I have met here. These last 2.5 years have been so wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I'm thankful for the Kentucky State Police who have nothing better to do on Thanksgiving weekend than issue tickets for going a whopping 67 in a 55.

Err... maybe "thankful" isnt the right word...

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