LA Driving Tip of the Day

In LA, note that rush hour is NOT simply during the hours of 5-6 on weekdays. No, it can actually be anytime. Even weekends. In fact, most of the time it IS rush hour. Yes, all day it is. Until about 11 at night. Moreover, if I ever make a comment like, "nah, we can leave later to get to the airport! It's Saturday--there won't be rush hour," then you can bet your sweet bippy  (origin of this phrase here) that you will spend at LEAST 30 minutes stuck in traffic. Don't tempt fate by saying those things.


Pete said…

So true.
Stephanie said…
Airport arrivals can be tricky in many cities. When in doubt, overestimate the most that you can. After missing a flight earlier in the week, I was paranoid about catching a return flight from New Orleans in September (righfully so, as Hurricane Wilma was already beginning to douse us with rain). I left EXTREMELY early for the airport, and I'm glad that I did, because:

#1: I completely forgot about how topping off your rental car fuel tank requires...well, fuel (which was in VERY short supply in New Orleans Proper--it took me six stations to find some), and

#2: Imagine're driving toward the airport and you keep getting distracted by collapsed covered airport parking buildings...and then you realize after turning around twice that there's no rental car return sign!

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