LA Driving Tip of the Day

When driving more than 100 miles a day in Los Angeles, try as often as you can to make sure the E-brake is disengaged. Otherwise, you might render the brakes a little squeaky, and may find yourself getting made fun of by your passengers. Another tip would be to AUTO MANUFACTURERS. I know you try to skimp and save as often as possible, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. However. Don't skimp on putting a "your-e-brake-is-on-you-idiot" light in. And in addition, make sure the e-brake actually does something. If you can drive 50 miles without knowing the e-brake is on, then it's not really doing its job. C'mon people. This was NOT my fault!


Kris said…
This tip would also be helpful for dads who have rented a car in Hawaii.

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