Fly Tip of the Day

If you want nuts, don't fly Northworst--I mean, Northwest. Not only do they serve Pepsi products (how dare they), they also don't serve ANY snacking mechanism on most flights, but will "conveniently" charge you $3 for a "snack caddy." On top of your already expensive fare.


Jay said…
Like, seriously. As a PR person, I understand this. Just add $3 to my fare and give me the danged snack caddy. Because it looks WAY better than charging me the same $3 on the plane. It makes the airline look cheap.
JCo said…
I just flew Northwest to Kansas City and guess what? No Peanuts!

I love the way you commented Jay before the tip was posted! :-)

BTW everyone...make a wish...11:11 post time.
Kris said…
True, they don't serve nuts, prezels, or any other snack foods, but they were the ones who gave me my emergency fare last week, cutting a $1000 flight to less than $300. So, for situations such as that, leave them open as an option.
Pete said…
We flew them because they were the cheapest too, and with almost everyone choosing flights because of initial price, I can see why they don't want to be $3 more expensive then the next guy. However, it is very good to know not the expect food on those flights, and you can be prepared. Those $3 things aren't enough to fill you up anyway, so if they would have disguised those as an actual meal I would have been even more mad and more importantly HUNGRY.
CGrim said…
Not to dash anyone's expectations, but um... I'm pretty sure an airline meal has never filled me up.

And I would gladly pay an extra $100, $200, nay, even $500 for the privilidge of drinking Pepsi products. ;)

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