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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

LA Driving Tip of the Day

When driving in LA, you can basically pretend you're on the Autobahn. Why? Because police in LA have better things to do with their time than pull over three cronies in a Ford Focus doing 90 on the 101. They actually have real crime to fight. So, essentially, ignore all posted signs and placards referring to speed in the greater LA area.


Blogger Kris said...

Wow, Jay...if you didn't get pulled over in LA, I believe it!

08 November, 2005 17:32

Blogger Stephanie said...

You used the word "placards." Heh heh! I love uncommonly used words such as that one.

08 November, 2005 23:08

Blogger Blair said...

Here's what police chief William Bratton had to say about the situation.

"We blame this incompetence on eating donuts."

09 November, 2005 13:03

Blogger Lalah DeSha said...

Jay, you mean to tell me that you were ACTUALLY speeding...? haha....

10 November, 2005 21:02


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