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Friday, January 27, 2006

Disney Tip of the Day

One of two things are true. Either teeny-boppers have invaded the iTunes Music Store™ or Disney has a really big hit on their hands. I was just looking at the top ten most downloaded tunes on the music store, and seriously, six of them were from a Disney movie called "High School Musical." Now, the music wasn't THAT bad, if you're in middle school, yet I am completely at a loss for how all of them got so popular. My conclusion, and tip, is that this movie must be pretty good. So, I guess go see it or something so we can substantiate this tip.


Blogger Jay said...

OK, actually, I just disproved my own tip. According to IMDB, our leader in film news, "High School Musical" had this summary, meaning there's no WAY it could be good. "Two teens who are worlds apart - meet at a karaoke contest and discover their mutual love for music." Um, OK...

26 January, 2006 19:50

Blogger Kris said...

Teeny-boppers are invading the iTunes music store, just for the record. My two cousins, who are in 7th and 9th grade both have Nano's, and it's not either of their first iPODs!

26 January, 2006 23:23

Blogger Jay said...

I guess that makes sense; however, my guess is that most teeny-boppers will illegally download music using Limewire. I feel like our demographic (20-somethings) are a lot more likely to actually pay for legit music. Who knows.

27 January, 2006 09:28

Blogger Kris said...

Alright...just so you guys know, I've started my blog again...another half-marathon commeth in April, 91 days from now (that's official from that site)
So, let's get those iPods loaded up with the teeny-bopper music, and get ready to run! Like how I worked it into this post?

27 January, 2006 12:34

Blogger Amanda said...

I polled my 6th grade class today. 11 out of 22 that use iTunes and legally download songs. Only 1 uses Limewire. So, the teeny-boppers that I associate with do use iTunes. But, I will say that being at a private Christian school may skew the results some.

27 January, 2006 13:15

Anonymous Andy said...

I'm currently a big fan of this:

It lets you record cd-quality songs straight off the satellite (only up to 5 hours worth, however), and keep them as long as you want. Another sweet feature is you can flag a song (or artist), and it will alert you whenever that song (or artist) comes on somewhere, on any channel.

Its also got the live updating stocks and sports tickers and such, like a PDA. It's pretty fun.

27 January, 2006 14:59

Blogger Jay said...

Ooh, that IS nice. I want one.

27 January, 2006 15:24

Blogger Kris said...

OK, so I did some research on behalf of the crack team here at Pete and Jay's. And "High School Musical" is a movie that's shown every friday on the Disney Channel, and the high school kids love it!

31 January, 2006 11:19


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