FunPen Tip of the Day

Do you want fun pens? Sure, we all do. Well, look no further than the "Staedtler Triplus" series. That's right, for one low price, you get a brilliant rainbow of thin, felt-tipped pen goodness. And, I love that there's an online store called "" Hilarious!


JCo said…
Has anyone seen Chiropractor's pens? They are bent at all sorts of crazy angles! Now I think that is a fun pen.
Stephanie said…
It's funny that you highlight these pens! These are what we bought in France as our "map pens" before the orienteering competition on horseback! This is a little off-topic, but did you know that you can buy saddles at sporting good stores in France that are kind of like Dick's Sporting Goods?
Stephanie said…
Here's the link to the "Equitation" section: It was weird to see horse equipment right next to surfboards. :-)

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