Marriagability Tip of the Day

While it is generally considered poor taste to hit up relatives for dates, it is increasingly evident that, if one is interested in matrimony, Uncle Sam is currently the one to call. (Screw e-Harmony! Where's the army recruiter?)

Any thoughts, Kris?


Rachel C. Clay said…
Hey I wouldn't discredit e-Harmony yet. Just ask my roommate Sarah!
But I must say, Uncle Sam is currently my favorite relative!
Stephanie said…
LOL....vander, you have quite the way with words.

Perhaps we single girls should begin going out in threes on Friday nights and see if former trends hold true.
Kris said…
I have to say, I have yet to meet an officer I didn't like. I also have yet to meet a guy on-line that I did, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen now! :)
LDB said…
I must say that Uncle Sam HAS been good to me...oh yes, indeed! ;o)

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