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Today, Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day is officially one year old! We have learned many things over the year. One is that Marriageability tips might actually be working. The Tip O Da Day Labs only research the most important issues. Watch out for office gnomes. Stay away from the phrase "angry eyes". Many words not to call women. Grease can be used to beautify and power your car. Pirate terms and kissing might not work together. There is actually a use for the term "buffeting fluff". Flowers and cats, don't mix, but there are solutions. Running out of gas can create a whole week of tips. If Julie wants to run up your comment count, she can. Vander and Andy are consistently funny commenters. And it would clearly be impossible to run Tip O Da Day without our ten contributers. (This site should really be called "Pete, Jay, Steph, Jules, RNutt, JMo, Lala, K-ris, Vander and Keiser's Tip O Da Day") So today, use the search, check the archives and take advantage of the "knowledge" that 365 tips provide. Thanks everyone, and keep commenting!


Amanda said…
CONGRATULATIONS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Good job to all. I'm so proud of you.
Jay said…
What a great year 2005 has been! Oh, we've had such fun with this site! And I think we're all better people because of (or in spite of) it!
Jay said…
I thought it might be fun if people could post links to some of their favorite tips...any takers? I personally am a fan of this tip, written by Christine before most of you knew her: Loungewear Tip of the Day. (Note the link for clingy; it's my fave.) Actually, all the links are kinda fun.
JCo said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TodD! PVC - thanks for the link to the heavily commented tip - I finally read it. CG - you were just about right on with the Steelers record. What are your predictions for the post season?
Pete said…
It appears Steph left out .php from the end of her links
Pete said…
I would also like to point out some of the great series of tips that have appeared on Tip O Da Day over the past year. (Some of which were already mentioned in this tip)

The first Series: The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony

How-To Guide to Keep the Government from Seizing your Property

Gas Week (I, II, III, IV, V)

Words Not to Call Women (I, II, III, IV, V)

Driving Week (I, II, III, IV, V)

L.A Driving Week (I, II, III, IV, V)

And of course the Marriagability Tips

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