Exterminator Tip of the Day

  • Classic mousetraps can be messy and the "disarming" of them can render even Ms. Independent into a squeamish girly-girl;
  • Glue/sticky tape traps can mean a slow death, possibly asphyxiation for the mouse;
  • Rat/mouse poisons can mean a) that your pets might have access to a dead, poison-filled mouse at some point, and b) that you might have a critter die in your wall, which can cause an unpleasant smell and leave you with the haunting reminder that there's a mummifed mouse carcass in your wall forever.

Here are solutions : The Rat Zapper, and its beefed-up version, The Rat Zapper Ultra. One of my coworkers says it works, it leaves no mess to touch, and no smell of electrocuted mouse fur (this is the only negative image I could conjure up).


Amanda said…
When I was in college, I lived in a house with several other women. One day, my roommates were cleaning out the stove and they found a dead mouse/rat chargrilled to death (another way to kill a rodent). When they took it out, it broke in half. They called in some male help - you're right about turning into a girly girl (sometimes it's just necessary).
Jay said…
Um, wow/gross. My tip on mousetraps is, don't try to disarm them. Just throw out the mouse, trap and all. And furthermore, I think the Rat Zapper sounds exciting. And, Steph, I hope that not ALL these things happened to you!
Stephanie said…
Thankfully, none of these things have happened to me. I have just done my research, that's all! :-) Although Julie commented on my blog saying she once had a smelly mouse (not to be confused with smelly cat of the Friends (TM) fame. Jay, Your friend Jara's friend also had a recent mouse experience.
Anonymous said…
The cats at our barn kill mice all the time and today one of the mama cats killed a mouse and then put it in the basket with her and her kittens and it was just sitting there like a part of the family, it was very strange.

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