Naming Tip of the Day

When starting a new company, often people get hung up on naming it, and typically resort to using their last name. This is generally just fine. As long as your name's not TOM RAPER. Our buddy Tom runs probably the most successful RV biz in all of Indiana, in spite of his name, yet we think he was a little short-sighted. He probably never imagined that every 5 miles on the interstate would be a sign displaying "Tom Raper RVs." Don't name something with your name if it has any borderline connotation. That's the tip right there. Because people can, and will, make up all kinds of slogans for your company. Now, I love how Tom Raper's slogan is "Where Fun Begins." Come ON people. Seriously. I'm not making this stuff up.


Anonymous said…
This is SO true. I feel violated just driving through Indiana. I almost drove my car right into the median the first time I saw Tom Raper's name plastered across the sky.
Anonymous said…
I once passed Tom Raper on I 70 just outside Richmond, IN and let me tell you... that dude is scary with a captial SCARY!
LDB said…
Huh...I never thought about the connotation Tom Raper's name has...yeah, that's pretty bad!
Of course, I would never open up a business using my name.
Except DeSha, seems like that name works pretty well.

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