Gas Tip of the Day

If you've been driving your new car for a few months now and have made the observation that no matter how long you go with the gas light on, you still can't put the full 14.5 gallons into your car, this tip's for you. You're putzing around Lexington, or wherever, and realize that you can go 40 miles with the light on before gassing up and STILL only put in 13 gallons! Well, the tip is, don't use a 600-mile road trip, mostly through rural West Virginia, to test the limits of your tank. That's right, you might end up running out of fuel, stranded alongside the road, and spending nearly 30 minutes just trying to figure out where you are and how to tell someone to get to you.


JCo said…
Jay, did you get a ticket on this drive home too? ;-)

I know I can go at least 30 miles in my car (and like you said I still didn't put the capacity of the gas tank in it when I filled up). I fear as it gets older and the mpg changes it may get me in trouble one of these days. :-)
Stephanie said…
Somehow, I knew a tip was coming from this particular experience!

This site explains why your gauge might be on "E" before your tank is actually empty, and also gives tips on how to avoid the "stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere" blues:

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