Hot Water Tip of the Day

So, you have people strewn across your house, staying the night this New Years day? Well the first thing you don't want to start off the new year with is a bunch of angry house guess. Which could easily happen around 1pm when people start wanting to take showers, and they found out later that you could have made 20 gallons of hot tea in your shower. Taking an hour long shower at a brisk 120° isn't exactly what we call polite. So, as you are taking a shower remember your hot water heater has its work cut out for it. So take a shower that is just warm enough to be comfortable, not so hot that it could burn the skin off a lava beetle. I don't care if you like it that way, it's just rude, cause everyone behind you is going to have to take a polar bear swim especially with it being the middle of winter. Also, if your shower has this option, don't turn the water on full blast, that just uses more water faster. Turn it on enough to get that soap washed off quickly. That way the next water closet users have a greater chance of having something left over for their shower.


JCo said…
So were you at the end of the shower line?
Pete said…
no, I was the poor chap who couldn't sleep in as long as my professionally trained sibs do.

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