Valet Tip of the Day

Say you're a valet parker at some swanky restaurant. Not only do you have a job that all the other boys in homeroom want, but you get do drive some "sweet cars dude"! You are so "stoked" because you get to drive nice cars, but tisk-tisk-tisk, don't forget most of your income in based on tips. So as you hop in your ride for the next 30 seconds, remember that the person who's car it is, and the potential tipper is still there, watching you. If you "peal out", or otherwise drive there vehicle like your on the newest ride at King's Island, they might actually want to give you any cash. Yep, you might be sitting there the rest of the night complaining about people not tipping all because you're a freaking dumb [as silly it might sound, Pete & Jay's Tip of the Day is a family friendly site, thus some things have been edited for content, "in order to fit your TV"]


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