Clucking Tip of the Day

This is a tip for our friends who either live or work in the Wilmore area. If you hurry, Clucker's Corner is running a special where if you purchase any store item, including fuel, you can get a free small popcorn! It's that yummy popcorn that movie theaters make. So, grab yourself a refreshing fountain drink, or "The Mother Cluck" breakfast special, and tickle your tastebuds with the buttery goodness that is Clucker's popcorn.


Stephanie said…
I got fussed at the other day because I was clucking to my computer to hurry it up, kind of like you cluck to a horse.
Jules said…
This is a great tip. Because I'm low on gas, I'm totally taking going to cruise by the ol' Cluckers after work. I have to say though, the breakfast special is called (at least by 8Gers) "The Mother Clucker" - not The Mother Cluck. Your version just doesn't translate appropriately. It's ok, Jay, it's because your mind is so pure and innocent (shhh shhh...)
Jay said…
Wow, I think this is the first case of cyber-shh-ing that has ever taken place. Good job Jules.
CGrim said…
although "shhh shhh" probably doesn't convey the same feeling as "shut yo mouth, motha clucka!"

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