Katrina Relief Tip of the Day

Did you lose everything and everyone you once held dear to Hurricane Katrina? If so, Uncle Sam has decided you may be eligible for some tax relief!

That's right, according to the IRS, anyone from the governor of Mississippi to the New Orleans Saints could be eligible. If you lived or worked in the disaster area, spent time as a relief worker, or provided food and clothing for those displaced by Katrina, find out if you can get some of your hard-earned dough back in April!

Since the IRS is essentially a bank with 0% interest that's really hard to withdraw from, make the most of it while you can... (And maybe consider donating your return to charity!)


Jay said…
Wow--I am saddened that I didn't click on these links EARLIER in the day! They are out of control! Especially the "modest girls" one. Actually, I really want to know what was happening to the "relief" girl. She must've been in a LOT of pain. Wow.
Stephanie said…
Definitely hot flashes, I would imagine.

That modest girls shirt is much cooler than my GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) mug!
Pete said…
Is that Heifer thing for real?
Jay said…
Heifer thing IS for real. The hot new charity thing for third world countries is to actually BUY someone a frickin' goat or cow. Pretty hilarious, and funny that it's called a "heifer."
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Heifer International is real. I'm a fan of the Flock of Ducks for Twenty Bucks. (Or a Flock of Baby Cluckers.)

I also HIGHLY recommend International Justice Mission. They basically have raids on brothels, forced child labor places, etc and rescue people, then take the perps to court, with their former victims on the witness stand.

It's like something out of a Grisham novel. Or it might be, if I ever actually read a Grisham novel.

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