Petrol Tip of the Day

It's a routine day. You've just run out gas on a 600-mile trip home to PA "over the river and through the woods," if you know what I mean, and you're sitting there along the road, minding your own. If you're a little unsure of where you are, you would think that giving someone a mile-marker would help them to know where you are. Not so. In fact, towing companies will be quite unhelpful. It's like they enjoy knowing you're stranded and don't know specifically which podunque (that's my original French origin spelling there) town you're in. So, my tip would be this. If you find yourself stopped directly in front of milemarker 15, call the state police. (Generally *SP, or 911). They will be slightly torqued that you called without an emergency, and will get a bit snippy, but they can tell you that you're probably in Clear Springs, MD, so when you call your motoring plan who for some reason can't figure out where you are based on a mile-marker, they can identify your location.


CGrim said…
You can also dial 411 (not free on a cell phone), and ask for the Transportation Department of whatever state you're in, and they will usually be able to send you a truck out with enough gas (for free), to get you to the next gas station.
Jay said…
F! Wish I had known this BEFORE my incident. Dang.

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