Fuel Tip of the Day

We at Pete and Jay's tested out this tip JUST for you. It had nothing to do with anyone on the crack-writing team's stupidity. If, as in the previous tips, you find yourself stranded (in this case due to running out of fuel) you may be a little nerve-wracked and unsure of what to do, and who to call. But, because of my recent insurance changes, I was quite aware of the specifics of what was covered on my policy. It just so happened I had "Roadside Assistance" on my policy. I thought about cancelling it, but it would only "save me a buck or two" so I decided to keep it. Lucky me, because in the above situation (again, just to test it out for our tip readers) ole' State Farm pulled through for me, and said they'd reimburse my emergency fuel expense. So, I'd advise this. Check with your insurance provider to see if they have roadside assistance. If they do, it's likely very cheap (much cheaper than AAA). So, you can cancel AAA and save some money!


Stephanie said…
It's also helpful to add loss-of-use rental reimbursement to your policy. What's worse than having your car within $500 of being totaled by a vandal who needs a getaway car after robbing a convenience store at gunpoint? Having to pay for a rental car while you wait three weeks to get your car back from the shop (this was two cars ago, rest easy, guys). :-)

So, if you don't have AAA already, get the roadside assistance from your insurance...and check on that rental reimbursement, too.
CGrim said…
My State Farm agent tries to sell me all sorts of weird policies, and I asked him once if I could insure the food in my fridge against spoilage. He assured me that yes, I could, but it wouldn't be cheap.

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