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Friday, September 09, 2005

Kissing Tip of the Day

If you want your girlfriend to actually kiss you, it's generally NOT a good idea to "go in for the kill" with your mouth open. She just might think you're 1.) silly, 2.) disgusting, or 3.) silly & disgusting. Even worse than going in with your mouth open would be going in with your mouth open and tongue out. And worse STILL would be mouth open, tongue out, and aiming for her nose (by the way, whoever did that in photoshop really isn't that good.). Neither of those would be conducive to continued oral connectivity. Asburians, is that Craig Hodges?


Blogger vander said...

Man, I have strange friends. Let me assure you before it becomes a full-fledged idea that kissing booths at yard sales are a bad, bad idea. That's my bonus tip.

09 September, 2005 12:34

Blogger Kris said...

That "mouth open" link...terribly frightening! And what in the world were you trying to do to Christine, Jay? Devour her whole?

09 September, 2005 12:58

Blogger Stephanie said...

OK, explain to me how a sow feeding her young is disgusting(?).

09 September, 2005 13:50

Blogger Lalah DeSha said...

Oh Jay...please don't tell me you know this from personal experience...

09 September, 2005 17:01

Anonymous Andy said...

If the kissing booth @ yard sale idea gains traction, someone give me a call.

In related news: the pirate phrase "Prepare to be boarded!" is also not appropriate pre-kissing talk.

09 September, 2005 19:55

Blogger Jules said...

Stephanie, I am glad you said something. It's not disgusting. Just as a goat dying in front of you is not funny. But whatever. I'm not going there again. Of course, maybe it's disgusting to someone who didn't know where the milk came from in the first place?! Just an idea.

Andy, you realize that if it would have gained traction at the yard sale, it would have been ALL Jason. You might want to rethink your involvement if it should arise again in the future. But I hope it won't, since I ALWAYS follow VM's tips.

Of course, it was atop a kissing booth that Seth made the romantic declaration. "Yes, I AM an emo geek. Acknowledge me now or lose me forever." And for that I am slightly partial to kissing booths. (that one was for you CA).

13 September, 2005 13:11


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