Moving Tip of the Day

Getting rid of junk is a major hurdle in the moving process, so here's some free advice. Having a yard sale and not advertising it in the newspaper is a bad, bad idea. I would go so far as to say that some people buy a Saturday paper in the summer solely for the yard sale listings within. When deciding what to sell, make some rules and stick to your guns. If you haven't used it in a year, lose it. If it doesn't fit, if you're keeping it because it was a gift and you hate it, if it's related to some hobby you don't actually participate in but just wish you did, say goodbye. Then use the yard sale profits to pay your movers. Call thrift stores to see if they'll pick up your old furniture. As soon as the sale ends, throw all leftovers in a car and take them directly to a donation center. Ah, the bliss of having less crap.


LDB said…
Ahhh yes...a yard sale. I have lots of useless crap I need to get rid of...

So, when are we all going to have a yard sale??? :o)

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