Sourdough Tip of the Day

English Muffins are the English's gift to breakfast eaters everywhere. An now'a days the folks over at Thomas' are getting fancy and making muffins in many different varieties. The trick is with these differences you might be confused as to toasting times. Right now they come in Regular, Sourdough, Cinnamon Raisin, and a wide variety of hearty grains. You already know what setting you want your toaster on to get the regular muffins toasted correctly. For the rest of them, remember this little line "If it looks different, then toast different, if it just tastes different don't tough the toaster."

How that plays out in real life. Sourdough you can toast for the same time that you toast regular. It will produce the same about of crispiness. However on the hearty grains and the raisin variety the bread is darker so it will take a couple more seconds to achieve the same level of crispiness.


JCo said…
Does the same thing apply for bagels and pop tarts?
CGrim said…
sausage, egg & cheese on a bagel sounds really good all of a sudden...
Kris said…
I belive pop tarts all toast the same, with perhaps a difference for frosting, depending if you like those dark lines on the frosting or not.
Begals, however, depend on the type, and whether or not they are frozen.
There are different types of English Muffins! Sourdough! Sweet!
Stephanie said…
Ah, it's Friday, time to stretch out our comments!

Speaking of toasting, I just ate a toasted slice of ciabatta with artichoke spread, which my roommate brought back from Castroville, Calif., the artichoke capital of the world.
Stephanie said…
Yes, I'm taking a lunch break. Time for some fun research. Jen, on Pop-Tart cooking:

Strawberry Pop Tart Blow Torches
Adventures in Combustion
Pop Tart Gone Terribly Wrong
Create Your Own Crazy Good Pop Tart Cartoon
Random Pop Tart Cartoons (these are really funny if you're punchy from working too much in one week)
Jay said…
HOLY COW! That is some scary stuff. In related news...if you want a hot pop tart, but don't have a toaster lying around, you can nuke it for about 22 seconds. Works great. :-)

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