Body Language Tip of the Day

When you are involved in a conversation, one key part you should be aware of is the other person's body language. Non-verbal signals make up 90% of our communication so it is very important that you know how to read them. This way you will know when to keep talking or when it's time to move along...

Normally when we talk to another person we nod and say "yeah" and "uh huh" to let the other person know that you are listening. Well, if the person you are talking to is nodding a lot constantly saying "yeah, go on..." then really they are telling you to "speed it up already and get to the point..." It's not that they are really interested in the conversation they really just want you to wrap it up.

Usually the head nods and constant "affirmation" makes you want to add more detail to your story. Well, you may want to rethink next time your friend turns into a bobble head in the middle of a conversation.


LDB said…
Haha! I like the links you put on there...especially the yes man! Now, how is it that bacon gets 7 comments while a tip on communicating with people doesn't get any?
Kris said…
bacon's tastier!
Anonymous said…
This is on the Disney link from today...but I can't understand a WORD they're saying--they use way too many big words for little kids to understand. Just ridiculous.

The marvelous villainess Ursula is one of Disney's classics. She has the gross unsubtlety of Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective" but substantially more brio. Although facially somewhat similar to "The Rescuers'" Madame Medusa, Ursula's screen impact dwarfs that of her predecessor. Bejewelled and lip-pouting like an overweight, over-rich, over-pampered, over-the-top society hostess gone mad, she is all flair, flamboyance, and theatricality mixed with a touch of con-artistry

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